House Of Stone 76

please do not remove, it may save a life
Could Joe Biden or Donald Trump have claimed the 136 electoral votes cast by New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California without dedicating this nation to the proposition of embracing the lawless execution of our mothers and grandmothers?
Does New York Executive Order 202.5 constitute irrefutable proof that Governor Cuomo murdered thousands of elderly Americans by forcing communicable disease into nursing homes?
Does a State Governor, or Legislature, have the power to 'lock down,' 'mask up,' and 'socially distance' people as a “method most usually employed to eradicate a [virus as lethal as the flu?]”  Jacobson, 197 U.S. at 28 ​

Wouldn't it shock the world if President Trump Served a Writ of Quo Warranto on Congress as a responsive pleading to his Impeachment?

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